Embroidered mini backpack

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This trendy and stylish mini backpack is the perfect bag to carry all your daily essentials without suffering the back pain that big and heavy handbags cause! Don't let its small size disguise you, because you'll be surprised at how much you can store.

This cute backpack makes a great gift for the adventurer girl in your life. It works great as a travel essential, as it is very lightweight but can still hold lots of stuff. Keep your wallet, phone, keys, a make up bag, sunglasses and more!
Enjoy many hours of touristing comfortably and stylish.

Also perfect for your DSLR! Tired of carrying around that huge camera bag? I know I was!

In addition, it works ideally as a gym bag for the minimalist kind of girl. Phone, wallet, keys, headphones, and a small towel and you are ready to rock!

Not traveling or heading to the gym? No worries! It is the perfect addition for your daily bag collection. Don't let heavy bags slow you down!

It is a natural, sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly product imported from Portugal and Spain. Cork is harvested from the Cork Oak tree once it has reached 20 years of age and will not be harvested for another 8 to 10 years. Once harvested, the tree absorbs about 5 times the CO2. This makes harvesting an important process in reducing greenhouse gases. Yay for the environment! Also, since the tree bark regenerates, cork leather is an eco-conscious and sustainable natural resource.

The cork leather is lightweight, water and stain resistant, resistant to abrasion, fire and water, yet trendy and stylish!
In addition, there are lots of elegant as well as fun colors to choose from!

• Handmade with Portuguese cork leather
• 7.5'' W x 9.5'' H x 3'' D
• Exterior pocket
• Fully lined
• Cotton webbing straps
• Adjustable straps
• Optional cork straps